Our know-how in enameling for the culinary arts

The Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillage (Enameling Factory of the Vosges) masters the enameling of the metal parts of cooking, household and heating appliances. Enamel has been used for over a century to protect and embellish kitchen utensils and heating devices.
Its smooth surface, hardness, antibacterial qualities make it the royal coating of utensils for professional and family kitchens: oven pans, pots, woks, grills and griddles, burner caps, walls of self-cleaning ovens . . .

Marmite professionnelle ancienne en fonte re-émaillée pour un usage renouveléCrépière professionnelle en fonte émaillée - Manufacture Vosgienne d'ÉmaillagePlancha en fonte émaillée - Manufacture Vosgienne d'Émaillage   Plancha en fonte émaillée - émaillage culinaire et chauffage

In cookery, enamel is insensitive to food and detergent acid attacks. It resists abrasion from energetic cleaning and dishwasher action. Enamel does not absorb odors and does not allow the development of bacteria or molds. Thanks to enameling, steel or cast iron kitchen items can jump undamaged from deep-freeze to hot oven (from -58º F up to +842º F).

Our know-how in enameling as regards heating

Enamel’s resistance to thermal shocks and smoke corrosion makes it the choice material for the protection and embellishment of wood-burning stoves, cast iron radiators and heating devices.

Grille de brûleur professionnel émailléDessus de table de cuisson en acier émailléDessus de poêle en fonte émaillée - Manufacture Vosgienne d'ÉmaillageChâssis d'entrée de poêle en fonte émaillée - Manufacture Vosgienne d'ÉmaillagePied de poêle en fonte émaillée - Manufacture Vosgienne d'Émaillage

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