The Manufacture Vosgienne d’émaillage

(Enameling Factory of the Vosges, France)

The Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillage (Enameling Factory of the Vosges) specializes in metal enameling. Our know-how applies to all the fields of everyday life:
- Signalization : enameled road signs, house numbers, tourist direction/information boards...
- Ornamental arts : clock dials, old reproductions, common of everyday...
- Publicity : enameled advertisement plates, objects and gadgets...
- Culinary arts : griddle enameling, woks and cast iron or steel casserole dish enameling, burner grate enameling...
- Heating : wood furnace and stove enameling, cast iron radiator enameling...
- Various applications : animal husbandry drinking trough enameling, architecture giant panels, industry and tertiary sector shade enameling...

Street numbers and villa enamelled - Manufacture Vosgienne d'ÉmaillageNotarial plate enameled - Manufacture Vosgienne d'ÉmaillageComtoise clock dial enameled - Manufacture Vosgienne d'ÉmaillageEnameled road signs - Manufacture Vosgienne d'ÉmaillageEnamelled thermometer - Manufacture Vosgienne d'Émaillageenameled advertisement plates - Manufacture Vosgienne d'ÉmaillageGrid enamelled burner professional - Manufacture Vosgienne d'ÉmaillageEnameled cast iron pot - Manufacture Vosgienne d'Émaillage

Enameling is a by-product of glass heated beyond 1,454º Fahrenheit (780º Celsius). It resists anything

- extreme temperatures (from -58º F up to + 842º F or from -50º C up to + 450º C), fire, frost, dampness.
- physical aggressions of all kinds: tags, scratches, shocks, vandalism.
- chemical aggressions: salted water and atmosphere, diverse corrosions.
- solar radiation and the passing of time: the longevity of enamel doesn’t need to be proved any longer.
It protects and embellishes objects, enhances colors.

The Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillage (Enameling Factory of the Vosges) is member of the APEV (Association Pour l’étude de l’Émail Vitrifié = Study of Vitrified Enamel Association) and thereby contributes to expanding the knowledge of the material and encouraging its promotion.

Tradition and know-how in metal enameling

The Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillage (Enameling Factory of the Vosges) is built on its new site in Deycimont in the Vosges department, 88, France.
Enamelers working to order, we enamel any item in steel, cast iron and even in aluminum. Find out about some phases of fabrication at the Technique page. The team at your service consists of salaried employees with more than 10 years of experience, completed by an “enamel” training at ICERMA (Centre d’Innovation en Céramique et Matériaux Avancés = Innovation in Ceramic and Advanced Materials Center).

You have a project involving enameling, you need further details or you want to submit a plan to us or ask us for an estimate: just go to our Contact page. We’ll do our utmost to give you satisfaction in the shortest time.