Personalised enamel plates

Create your own personalised enamel plaques

In addition to standard formats, we can also produce customised enamelled plaques, cut to size in our Vosges workshop. In the shape of a flame, a rally plaque, round, etc., the range of possibilities is vast.
The only requirement is that the surface is flat and less than 40 cm high.

The advantage of vitrified enamel is its durability over time and its resistance to the elements. An enamel plaque fixed to your shop front, on the outside, can be used to inform your customers of your opening times and days, in your colours and with your graphic charter. All without altering the appearance.

Shopkeepers, craftsmen, notaries, architects… you want to stand out from the crowd by putting a plaque with your image on your shop front. contact us for a price quote.

Terms and rates

For personalised work, contact us for a quote:
You can provide us with original elements (images, logos and photos must be in high definition on a computer and text entered in Word format, etc.) if you would like us to create your mock-up.

Latest projects

plaque émaillée personnalisée loup blanc - ©Atelier de l'Émail - ©Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillageplaque émaillée personnalisée rucher - ©Atelier de l'Émail - ©Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillageplaque personnalisée fabriquée par l'Atelier de l'émail ©karinemasson
plaque émaillée personnalisée Mooon gourmand - ©Atelier de l'Émail - ©Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillageplaque émaillée personnalisée jonquille - ©Atelier de l'Émail - ©Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillageplaque émaillée personnalisée pommier - ©Atelier de l'Émail - ©Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillage
plaque crochetteries de valerie 01plaque émaillée clos majanpie ©Atelier de l'Émail - ©Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillage
plaque retour du printemps ©Atelier de l'Émail - ©Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillagethermometre atelier email ©Atelier de l'Émail - ©Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillage
If you have a project concerning enamelling in general or would like further information, please visit our contact page. We will do our utmost to satisfy you as quickly as possible.