Tourist information panels

Rethink your tourist signage with our enamelled plaques

Why not set yourself apart from traditional signage by choosing an innovative and unique product made in France?
By opting for enamelled information panels, designed entirely in the Vosges, you can benefit from all the advantages associated with enamel: durability, resistance, etc. And all at a fair price/quality ratio.

From road signs to educational panels

Evoke the history of your local heritage, guide visitors around the site, tell them about the origin of the plant they are looking at… with enamelled plaques.
On each panel we print the visual you want: text, photo, images, QR code, etc. Available individually or in medium quantities.

Tourist offices, parks and gardens, museums or zoos, boost the tourist appeal of your area by choosing enamelled information panels. Contact us directly for a quote.

Terms and rates

For personalised work, contact us for a quote:
You can provide us with original elements (images, logos and photos must be in high definition on a computer and text entered in Word format, etc.) if you would like us to create your mock-up.

Latest projects

signalisation touristique émaillée Vologne - ©Atelier de l'Émail - ©Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillagesignalétique touristique émaillée Valeurs Parc - ©Atelier de l'Émail - ©Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillagesignalisation touristique émaillée Bourges en sortie de four à tapis - ©Atelier de l'Émail - ©Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillage
panneaux totem émaillé pour le circuit pédestre “Liaison douce” de la ville de Bourges - ©Atelier de l'Émail - ©Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillage
totem sign for the "Liaison douce" walking trail (town of Bourges - France)
If you have a project concerning enamelling in general or would like further information, please visit our contact page. We will do our utmost to satisfy you as quickly as possible.