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Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillage

Enameling Factory of the Vosges, France

One company, two skills :

Established in the Vosges since 2013, Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillage is one of the last three enamellers in France. Over the years and as it has grown, the company has become a major and recognised player in cast iron enamelling in Europe.

In 2022, to complement its industrial activity, the company acquired an enamel inkjet printer and opened its Atelier de l’Émail.

The MVE now has two entities with two areas of expertise:

The Manufacture
Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillage - le four à tapis de l'émaillerie

The Manufacture enamels all kinds of steel and cast iron items, in large series or by the unit, mainly for the culinary and heating markets.
It also renovates enamelled objects on request.

Atelier de l'Émail
aux commandes du poste d'impression - ©Atelier de l'Émail

Atelier de l’émail manufactures customised enamelled plaques: signs, signage and enamelled decor, in medium production runs or by the unit.


Enamelling, a unique skill

Enamelling is the unlikely and almost indestructible marriage of glass and steel, achieved by vitrification at high temperature.

Today, this technique is the best way to give the final product its functionalities: foodiness, resistance to acids and thermal shocks, ease of cleaning, durability and recyclability, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect.

Enamel is a mixture of mineral materials, mainly silica, fused at 1200°C and then cooled to form the enamel frit: this is the main raw material from which Manufacture Vosgienne d’émaillage manufactures its own formulations in liquid form (100% aqueous, 100% mineral).

The benefits of enamel

Enamel gives the finished product unique and remarkable characteristics

Thanks to fire, the harmonious marriage of metal and enamel ensures the strength, protection and beauty of our creations.

the technique of enamelling metals

UV colour fastness
Temperature resistance: -50° / +450°C
Acid resistance (food grade)
100% recyclable


plaque commémorative en hommage au sergent Robert H. Kuroda

A commemorative plaque in honor of Sergeant Robert H. Kuroda

To pay tribute to Sergeant Robert H. Kuroda, killed in the Battle of Bruyères, local resident…

carte postale émaillée 08

Reproduction of old postcards

Memories of another era, black and white or sepia postcards bear witness to our history and…

If you have a project concerning enamelling in general or would like further information, please visit our contact page. We will do our utmost to satisfy you as quickly as possible.