nameplates for mountain bike circuits

Manufacture of nameplates for mountain bike circuits

At the request of the Bruyères, Vallons des Vosges Tourist Office, the Enamel Workshop of the Manufacture Vosgienne d’Émaillage has created 14 enamelled plaques to mark the points of interest on its VTC heritage trail no. 16 “La Vallée de la Vologne”.
After designing and cutting out each plaque in “point of interest” format, we printed a photo of the site on each one, along with practical information and a QR code linking to the history of each location.

The sheets were then vitrified. This allows the pigments to fuse with the enamel layer, giving the product exceptional rendering and durability.

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This printing technique on vitrified enamel offers the advantage of an exterior panel that lasts over time and resists the elements.

Technical information :

    • material: enamelled sheets
    • size: cut to “drop” format
    • computer graphics
    • Four-colour printing: 14 visuals with photograph
    • Finish : firing
    • Quantities : 14