carte postale émaillée 08

Reproduction of old postcards

Memories of another era, black and white or sepia postcards bear witness to our history and the development of our towns and villages.

Some people collect them, while others keep them as part of their family, rural or heritage heritage. In some towns and villages, reproductions of these postcards are displayed to showcase a heritage site such as a fountain, the birthplace of a writer or the appearance of a street in the 20th century…

Thanks to the enamel printing technique used in our workshop, we can reproduce your old postcards or black-and-white photos in surprising detail on street signs, immortalising the decor of yesteryear.

Here a grocer’s shop, there a bread oven, the history of the streets and lanes is revealed on enamelled panels.

The advantages of enamel are its resistance to the elements and its durability, so you can put up these signs outside without altering the colours or the material.

Customisable enamelled plaques

Once we have received your high-quality files (300 dpi format, 3000 x 4000 pixels) in image or PDF format, we will proceed with the production of your plaques.

If you wish, our DTP department can add the name of the location, a quotation or any other inscription to the image. You will then receive a print order before production.

Examples of plates manufactured in our workshop: